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I have to admit that the first time I saw a set of bands hanging from what appeared to be like a giant triangle shaped monkey bars, I was skeptical but boy was I wrong.

Invented by a Former Navy Seal, TRX is a revolutionary way to really work your muscles with limited impact on your joints. To quote TRX from their home page “you are developing strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously.” After trying a few exercises, I was hooked.

I proceeded to take an 8 hour intensive course to get certified, where I witnessed a 120 pound woman drop 16 trainers, including myself.

Since I acquired my certification, I have used TRX hundreds of times with clients, myself, and have taught over 100 group classes. The end result of these sessions/classes… Everybody comes back for more.

Two of the top factors for me that make this product amazing are its portability, and its easy ability to change the degree of difficulty.

In regards to the portability of TRX, it can simply be hooked onto an anchor, a door, a tree, etc… As I am writing this blog I have my TRX bands in my luggage to bring with me on vacation. This flexibility can keep everyone working out no matter where they are, as well as keeping the setting/environment fresh.

As far as the degree of difficulty aspect, a minor baby step in either direction can increase/decrease that level. This comes in super handy as I have trained clients ranging from 6 to 80 years old on these bands. It also is great for intra exercise adjustments.

Currently many professional sports such as MLB, MMA, NBA, NFL, and PGA just to name a few, train with TRX. Iconic sport figures such as Drew Brees, Carmelo Anthony, and Baas Rutten have rehabbed major injuries, and swear by TRX.

I highly recommend everyone trying out TRX at your gym if available. If your gym does not have them, expect to pay almost $200 for a kit, which in my opinion is well worth the investment.