QPT provides a multitude of various training and rehabilitation styles. Current and past client age range is from six to ninety three, with weight ranging from 68 to 400 pounds. Current and Past Clients have also had to live with the following conditions;

Alzheimers, Asthma, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Breast Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Fybromyalgia, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Lupus, Muscular Dystrophy, Muscular Sclorosis, Obesity, Pulmonary Issues, Prostate Cancer, Rhadomyolosis, Stroke, and Thyroid Issues.

Accreditations and advanced licensing from the National Academy Of Sports Medicine including Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercises Specialist (CES), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS). Other accreditations include; Titleist Performance Institute Certified, TRX Suspension Trainer Certified.

In 2018 QPT’s vision began shifting to reaching out to help more people across the country through the use of CBD. After almost a year of traveling, research and trials, we released our CBD Line in March of 2019.

As of July 2019 we offer CBD Gummies, Tinctures, Roll On, and Spray being used all over the country by people ranging from 7-90 years old. The end users include Athletes, Celebrities, Children, Influencers, Law Enforcement, and ordinary people including family, friends, and neighbors.

Please explore/try our products and help us achieve our mission: “TO HELP HEAL THE WORLD ONE PERSON AT A TIME”


Over 12 years ago, QPT’s Founder, Marc Siegel started his quest to improve his health and the health and well being of others through Personal Training.

Marc was 250 lbs, a 42 waist, and 44% body fat and on a downward spiral. Marc left the private sector banking world to learn exercise physiology, applied physical education and nutritional coaching. Marc is now 192 lbs, a 34 waist, 7.3% body fat, and a licensed Personal Trainer.

Marc trained in fitness clubs throughout New York and Florida where he quickly became an Area Fitness Manager for New York Sports Club (TSI). At the height of Marc’s Personal Training career, he was managing over 24 Trainers and producing hundreds of thousands of dollars of monthly training revenue for New York Sports Club (TSI). In 2016, Marc left New York for Florida and re-opened Quantum Performance Private Personal Training.

QPT has helped thousands of people in many different ways. Some with goals to loose weight and some with goals to gain weight. Some wanted to have less pain and some wanted to be pushed harder.

QPT has 7 Globally Recognized Certifications, Modern Equipment & Methods and we are Licensed & Insured.

QPT then entered the CBD Market to help our clients improve their overall health and offer solutions for pain from their injuries.

After over a year of research and product trials, QPT launched its CBD line that is: THC Free, Organic, Non-GMO, FDA & GMP Lab Certified, Supercritical CO2 Extracted, 3rd Party Lab Tested and Quality Assurance Checked.

All of our CBD is farmed organically in the United States and manufactured in California. We believe that the naturally occurring full plant hemp extract has tremendous health benefits, but only when combined with the best ancillary ingredients, so we have committed to using only the best. We pride ourselves in providing the cleanest CBD in the market as we understand there is no room for error. Our clients include: World Class Athletes and various Law Enforcement agencies.

We thank you for joining in our journey to improve the quality of your life and the life of your family and friends. All we have is today so let’s make the most of today by living our best life now. Thank you, we appreciate you

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